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Check out what House of Fundamentals has done for these clients:

“Dino does a great job of mixing it up. Our workouts change every week, so I don’t get bored.” (Lisa, Philanthropy Director, age 38)

“The training I have received from Dino changed my life. Dino is not only highly educated about the human body and it’s dynamics but Dino is creative, responsive and clearly passionate about training a body into a balanced physical state.” (Summer, Writer, age 32)

“I feel and look a whole lot better, which gives me more confidence when I’m acting.” (Kenny, Actor, age 31)

“The training methods provide challenges from children to professional athletes; Dino uses techniques that are innovative and creative.” (Ronald, age 31, Professional Basketball Player)

“The training that I have received has been nothing short of amazing. I have worked with Dino for over 10 years and my game transformed once I started working with him. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have excelled the way I did while playing basketball without him investing in me.” (Camille, Professional Basketball Player/Aspiring Personal Trainer)

“The training that I have received have helped me to maintain my body. It has also given me the tools that I need to continue to stay fit even when I’m not training.” (Ranita, age 24, Probation Officer)

“Dino has been training me since I was a track athlete in college. I have had some injuries since my college days and he knows how to keep me in shape without aggravating any of my old injuries.” (Amanuel, age 32, Professor)

“HOF services are bar none above the rest! He not only improved my game in a short period of time, he improved the way that I approached my career as a whole in terms of nutrition and endurance.” (Nicole, age 30, Professional Athlete/Entrepreneur)

“The training I received from Dino is extremely phenomenal. He teaches basketball like a trainer from the NBA!” (Michael, Student Athlete)

“The training I have received has been fantastic, it keep me energized throughout my day and has taught me basic of staying focus on being healthily and fit.” (Rosalind, age 47, Dental Office Manager)

“My body has undergone significant change both mentally and physically. House of Fundamentals not only increases physical toughness but mental toughness as well.” (Jerry, age 21, College Athlete)

“The training that Dino provides is remarkable. He always develops new techniques and has been able to pull strength and endurance out of me that I never knew I had. He has helped me gain a sense of confidence that I didn’t have before.” (Lori, age 28, Registered Nurse)

“The training I have received has been rigorous, to say the least. Some days are more intense than others, but always a great workout. Dino focuses in on a complete workout, but also zeroes in on the problem areas.” (Lodie, age 40, Physician Assistant)

“Dino challenged me to bring my best not only on days we trained, but on my off days to stick to the nutritional plan and maintain my cardiovascular workouts.” (Michael, age 28, Video Production)

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

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