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Scheduling & Locations

Check out what House of Fundamentals has done for these clients:

“The training locations are the best I could ask for. La Cienega Park is close to me and Ocean Avenue is the prettiest view to work out in, as good as anywhere in the world I have ever seen.” (Steve – Movie Producer)

“With a variety of scheduling options and training locations, excuses for missed workout are hard to find.” (Ronald, age 31, Professional Athlete)

“I am extremely busy and Dino’s flexibility and his willingness to come train me at my gym and work makes life a lot easier for me. What I like most about most Mr. Mosley his dedication and accessibility to his clients.” (Amanuel, age 32, Professor)

“I am always able to schedule my sessions around my work schedule and the locations vary, which keeps it interesting and exciting.”(Rosalind, age 47, Dental Office Manager)

“I love the variety in his workouts and locations. We have never done the same thing twice and I’m always pleased with the creativity of his workouts.”(Xia, age 43, Insurance Agent)

“I have a very abnormal work schedule and Dino always accommodates to help make sure that I am able to keep up with my work out schedule.” (Lori, age 28, Registered Nurse) 

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

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