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Nutritional Counseling

Check out what House of Fundamentals has done for these clients:

“12 lbs. down and I feel much better!” (Lisa, Philanthropy Director, age 38)

“Dino patiently answers any of my questions and provides consistent guidance to what great nutrition is for my body. He has even gone grocery shopping with me.” (Summer, Writer, age 32)

“My diet was completely transformed and made me feel healthier and more energetic!” (Nico, age 22, Athlete/Entrepreneur)

“My biggest struggle has always been my nutrition. He has helped me change my life style by helping me understand the difference between dieting and learning the true meaning of how to eat healthy and making it a priority to put good food in my body.” (Amanuel, age 32, Professor)

“Dino has been successful in incorporating a great meal plan for me that not only addresses my nutritional needs, but also gives me a variety of options and tastes just as good as or better than my previous unhealthy diet.” (Nicole, age 30, Professional Athlete/Entrepreneur)

“Dino Mosley is very knowledgeable when it comes to food and nutrition. He has instilled in me the correct way to eat to reach my ultimate goal as far has health and nutrition. I value his opinion on eating and I go to him first if I have any questions about any type of food.” (Crystal, age 30, Professional Athlete/ Realtor)

“I went from an undisciplined junk food binge eater to a 100% health conscious vegan because of Dino. He showed me the connection between working out and healthy eating in order to maximize the best results. I look and feel better than I have in years because of his nutritional counseling.” (Xia, age 43, Insurance Agent)

“Even as a nurse and having knowledge on nutrition, Dino has taught me things that I was not aware of before. Every time I go to eat something I can hear ‘you eat how you want to look.’ It really makes you look at your food choices differently if you think like that.” (Lori, age 28, Registered Nurse)

“The nutritional counseling was great! Sometimes he would even cook very nutritious meals in my own kitchen.” (Justin, Student Athlete)

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

Explore the benefits of working out and eating right. Contact House of Fundamentals today.