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Client Relationship

Check out what House of Fundamentals has done for these clients:

“Dino has become a great friend in addition to being a fierce trainer!” (Lisa, Philanthropy Director, age 38)

“Dino is a fantastic trainer, a friend I can talk to and a wonderful human being. People like Dino are hard to come by.” (Summer, Writer, age 32)

“Dino has been great! I can tell he really cares about the overall health of his clients.” (Kenny, Actor, age 31)

“House treats every trainee like family. He’s tough on people during the workout but there to support and encourage the whole way.” (Allen Hill, age 41, Mortgage Loan Officer)

“The client/trainer relationship is very professional but at the same time even in group training, he will focus on you if you are the person he is dealing with.” (Justin, Student Athlete)

“Dino is a trainer that goes above and beyond what most would consider extraordinary. He is the only personal trainer I would ever consider to work out with.” (Xia, age 43, Insurance Agent)

“I don’t look at Dino as just a guy here to train me. I look at him as a friend that helps get me in top shape and doesn’t let me sell myself short. Dino has infectious energy and anyone who knows him knows that he is truly passionate about what he does.” (Lori, age 28, Registered Nurse)

“I think the client/trainer relationship is one that needs to be of mutual respect and every client needs to think about that. On a personal side, I liked being around Dino because of his energy and obvious passion for helping people. I have full trust in my trainer to help me achieve my goals and to be there for me and I constantly think about Dino’s words of wisdom every time I train on my own.” (Michael, age 28, Video Production)

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

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