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Before & After Photos

Check out what House of Fundamentals has done for these clients (click images to enlarge):

“I have more energy, and a positive mental attitude.” (Lisa, Philanthropy Director, age 38)

“The services of House of Fundamentals have impacted my life by forcing me to get up, get out and workout. This has made me healthier, helped me to deal with stress, and made me exercise when I ordinarily wouldn’t have made myself.” (Steve, Movie Producer)

“I was able to tap into abilities I never even knew I had. To this day I can say this training has helped me out more than anything I have done both on and off the court.” (Nico, age 22, Athlete/Entrepreneur)



“The services of House of Fundamentals have impacted my life on so many levels. I feel healthy, physically strong, self-confident and stronger mentally and emotionally.” (Summer, Writer, age 32)

“I don’t think that I would have been the player that I was if it was not for House of Fundamentals. Dino shaped me into the player that I was and because of that I was able to live out my dreams as a professional basketball player. Working out is now a part of my life and I would not have it any other way.” (Crystal, age 30, Professional Basketball Player/Realtor)

“For the longest time I have had trouble with my knee. Physical Therapists all told me that I should just find something to do besides running or high impact activity. Well since I have meet Dino he has given me the ability to run pain free. He has shown and given me the techniques and tools to help alleviate my knee pain. I cannot sing his praise enough for this!” (Lori, age 28, Registered Nurse)



“House always pushed me to levels that I didn’t know existed inside of me.  Even though it was basketball, he taught me dedication, being on time, family, togetherness, fighting thru the hard times when you want to quit and seeing that you have so much left inside of you if you truly want it.  He taught me the basics values of life and what you have to do if you’re trying to go after your dreams.” (Loree)


“Outside of my education, this was easily the best financial investment of my life. What I paid, I got double in return. Dino educated me on nutrition, not diet. He taught me in simplified terms how to train my body in a completely different way with a strategic mindset. He taught me discipline and showed me how much further I’m able to go. All the hours of hard work we put in were brutally challenging, but validated when I saw the physical changes in my body, in appearance and performance, as well as an improvement in my mood and confidence.” (Michael, age 28, Video Production)

“I feel more energized and fit.  I am more alert and aware of what I need to do to stay in shape.  This is an ongoing process that needs to be a part of my lifestyle.” (Chauncell, age 59, Teacher)

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

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