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HOF: Why Should You exercise

Studies have shown that regular exercise significantly increases life expectancy and improves overall health. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Exercise is important for everyone, especially because of its many benefits related to health. It stimulates the cardiovascular system and will help anyone that is trying to loose weight to attain their goals more quickly and naturally. The exercises that are available vary largely from biking, walking, running, weight lifting, team sports or swimming. Try a variety of the sports, considering the fun factor most of all, so you can enjoy what you are doing.

But a few precautions must be followed when you are a beginning exerciser. If you are feeling sick or not feeling well it is best not to exercise
If you are just a beginning exerciser, make sure you start off slowly. As you body is getting stronger you will be able to move on to more strenuous activities. As a start, make a schedule available for exercising, two or three times weekly of fifteen to twenty minutes each time. Before each session of exercise take the time to warm up your muscles to avoid minor injuries and sore muscles. This will take a few minutes and will help you in your exercising regime. Just stretch all your muscles by twisting, stretching and bending your various body parts. After two or three weeks you will be able to increase the time spent exercising by a few minutes until you spend a reasonable time of about thirty

Dressing comfortably is one of the more important factors as well. Wear something that is comfortable, simple in style, and good running shoes that are flat and comfortable as well. The socks you wear should be breathable and absorbent which will help you avoid blisters. Dressing in layers will also be of great value to you since you can remove a layer if you are starting to get hot. Take a backpack along so you can place unneeded items into it, especially when jogging or biking. Wearing a headband will also help you by absorbing the sweat and keeping it out of your eyes. If you are swimming choose a bathing suit that is comfortable and if you don’t want to show your body wear a T-shirt. Earplugs and goggles might also be a good investment since you might be able to swim better with those.

Again, after you are finished with your routine, make sure you stretch again to help avoid hours of sore muscle pain and minor injuries. Don’t expect exercise to give you instant weight loss, but do expect to notice a difference after a while of keeping a consistent exercising program. Your muscles will certainly become stronger, replacing your fat, and you will feel much more energetic and rejuvenated. The most important thing is to keep exercising, and to combine the exercise with a healthy diet, and you will see results in the near future.

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