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HOF: What are the right times to eat?

Six time a day is the right time!
It's true!

The fact of the matter is, your body, my body, everybody's body works better when we eat the
right foods, in the right amounts in the right combos, not three but six times per day, Eating six meals a day creates a metabolic environment that supports your energy and muscle metabolism, while helping you burn bodyfat . Study after scientific study has shown this to be so. For example, a recently published report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition cites that people who ate six times a day had faster
resting metablic rate than those who ate just three meale daily. As you may very well know, you your metabolic rate is the pace at which your body burns fat and food energy to keep you going strong . This study showed eating meals frequently throughout the day allows you to burn fat more efficiently. That's good

Another way eating six complete meals a day helps you lose bodyfat is by allowing you to maintain lean muscle. Remember, muscle not only helps you look leaner but also makes your body more metabolically active. Muscle burns calorise even when you are just sitting there. Fat dose not

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