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Doing Cardio

MYTH #2: If you don't have an hour to commit to the cardiogods, it's not worth it.
FACT: Flat-out not true. All body movement has benefits in terms of calorie burn. What you can change, though, is how efficiently you burn them. "You may be able to do steady-state cardio longer, and burn more calories during that time, but the key is what happens after your workout," says Justice. "By doing high-intensity interval training [HIIT], which means you incorporate intense periods of work with short recovery, your metabolism is elevated and you'll be burning calories for up to 38hours after your HIIT workout is completed." If you prefer to pray at the altar of the treadmill, take heart. "The American Heart Association says that doing three 20-minute sessions of cardio at a vigorous intensity [likerunning] is the equivalent of doing five 30-minute sessions at a moderate level [like fast walking]," says exercise scientist Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. Even 10 minutes at a high intensity is beneficial. And a recent study suggests that short, infrequent bouts of slow running can do your heart good. So no excuses that you don't have the time!

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