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Frequently Asked Questions

House of Fundamentals specializes in teaching adults and youth the basics of fitness, including nutritional counseling, resistance training, and cardiovascular activity.

Below, find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, feel free to contact House of Fundamentals for additional information.

Q: Can I reduce in remove weight only in specific areas?

ANSWER:  No matter how intensely you target a particular trouble spot, it’s impossible to lose body fat in that area alone.  If fat is lost from the targeted area, it’s only because you burned enough calories to take fat from the entire body.  A faster way to see results – train the whole body with aerobic fitness and strength training.


Q: Is cardio exercise the only way to burn fat?

ANSWER:  Building muscle mass is a key factor in the fat war because muscle increases your body’s capacity to burn calories during physical activity and while at rest.


Q: Do all carbs make you fat?

ANSWER:  Not all carbs are created equal.  Choose complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates found in sugars.  The best sources of complex carbs – vegetables, fruits, and whole grains – are low in calories, and add fiber and necessary vitamins and minerals that are important for a balanced diet.  An added bonus – your body uses carbs as fuel to burn fat during exercise.


Q: Does strength training make you bulky and less flexible?

ANSWER:  Gaining bulk takes a lot of work, planning, and the right genes.  With regular strength training, you’ll increase your lean muscle mass and burn more calories, actually helping with weight loss.  Another benefit – Lifting may help increase flexibility if you perform your strength exercises correctly with a full range of motion.


Q: What is “No pain, no gain” all about?

ANSWER:  Muscle soreness is allowed, but pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong and you should stop working out before you risk injury.


Q: Do you burn more calories by sweating more?

ANSWER:  Sweating is the body’s way of regulating normal body temperature during a workout before you risk injury. It is not a true indication of burning calories.


Q: Are free weights a better workout than weight machines?

ANSWER:  Both have their advantages and disadvantages but your choice should be based on your goals, fitness level, and what you feel comfortable using.


Q: Do you need a personal trainer as a beginning exerciser?

ANSWER: Certified personal trainers can help everyone, especially beginners, get and stay healthy.  Trainers will give you a safe and effective workout that’s best for your body.  Plus, having to report back to your trainer may help you stick to a program.  They’re also a great source of knowledge and are able to vary your fitness routine to keep you from getting bored.

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

Explore the benefits of working out and eating right. Contact House of Fundamentals today.