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About House of Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Healthy Living

House of Fundamentals believes that good nutrition and productive physical activity are fundamental to healthy living. Founded in 1994, House of Fundamentals has been making a difference in the nutritional health and physical well-being of clients for nearly two decades. We specialize in teaching adults and youth the basics of fitness, including nutritional counseling, resistance training, and cardiovascular activity so they can apply what they learn to lead healthier, more productive lives at work or school, at play, and in their personal relationships.

House of Fundamentals serves many clients in the greater Los Angeles area, from South Bay to the Valley. Our clients range from busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, and youth, to professional athletes, celebrities, and groups and organizations. Their common goal is to become physically fit through healthy eating and training that produces results.

Train Hard, Eat Healthy

Explore the benefits of working out and eating right. Contact House of Fundamentals today.